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Stacking Basket, Nut and bolt shelving, wine basket
Looking for shelving and storage solutions ? Our range of Gondola Shelving, Nut & Bolt Shelving, Wire Mesh Baskets and accessories are made to the highest standards from quality locally sourced materials. 
Nut & Bolt Units
Shelving Accessories

The Webroy Shelving System is designed so that it can be installed in a matter of hours without any substantial disruption of business.


All units, shelves and fittings are interchangeable, and can be assembled with ease and speed.


The Gondola shelving system is used predominantly in retail outlets including supermarkets and hardware stores.

Nut and Bolt Shelving is a multi purpose shelving system, suited to the light weight loads of everyday use. It is designed to be flexible with any number of combinations possible together with a wide range of accessories. 


Portable and easily erected, the Webroy Nut & Bolt storage a cost effective solution to any storage problem.


Its ideal for adding storage at home or work. Common uses include garages, workshops, offices, retail stores and many more.

Compatible across all our shelving solutions Webroy offer a wide range of accessory products to complement your shelving solution. 

Ranging from dividers to wire baskets and wine racks, our accessories ensure maximum utilisation of even the smallest space.

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