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Gondola Shelving

Our full range of gondola shelving is suited to any type of retail outlet large or small, corner store to supermarket. A wide range of sizes, colours and accessories ensures we can meet even the broadest of requirements.

With most items held in stock and the ease of assembly and installation means you can have your shelving up in a matter days without the need for an expensive installation team. That is not to say that should you require assistance we are not happy to help and provide a full installation service. 

Gondola shelving sizes are standard across the market with small variations in design. The Webroy shelving is manufactured with QUALITY as a priority, built to last our shelves are stringently tested by our internal quality assurance department.

Our full product range of gondola shelving products is listed below, should you require any assistance or further information please call us on +27 (0) 33 3872331 or contact us via our website.

Free standing gondola shelving is available in single sided uprights and double sided uprights. The double sided uprights will hold shelves on both sides and are generally used for the main isles of shelving in a store.

The single sided uprights are frequently used at the ends of a double sided isle and may contain a header board for advertising of the products. 

Place some text here about the feet and the base shelf. Such as the feet need to be purchased or are included and that genreally the base shelf is a size larger than the rest of the shelfves.

All uprights are a standard width to accommodate the standard gondola shelf width of 914mm.

Single Sided

Double Sided


Gondola shelves can also be fitted to wallbands. Unlike the freestanding uprights which can be easily moved, the wallbands a fixed to a wall. The shelves and brackets are universal to the both the free standing uprights and the wallbands.


A range of brackets are available to suit both varying purposes as well as the different sizes shelves. This includes traditional brackets, slimline brackets and down slope brackets. For every shelf ordered you will need to order 2 brackets of the correct size.


Down Slope

All types of brackets are available in the following standard sizes

  • 305

  • 381

  • 457

  • 610

A variety of colours are available on request, ivory is held in stock as a standard product.


Built for strength the shelves have been designed and tested to hold the greatest weights possible. Available in the below standard sizes


  • 914 x 305 mm (100 kg max load)

  • 914 x 381 mm (100 kg max load)

  • 914 x 457 mm (100 kg max load)

  • 914 x 610 mm (100 kg max load)

The 28 mm front edge holds industry standard barcode and price strips.

A variety of colours are available on request, ivory is held in stock as a standard product.

Shelf Top 500x500
shelf bottom 500x500
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