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Webroy manufactures a range of wire mesh baskets to meet many applications found in the shop fitting and materials handling applications. The baskets are stackable making them ideal storage for offices, shops, display areas, line side storage in manufacturing environments or your home.

Standard Baskets include :

  • Wine Baskets

  • Impulse Bins

  • Freezer Baskets

  • Dump Bins

In addition we offer custom manufactured baskets.

Stacking baskets consist of the base basket which includes feet and the additional baskets which are stacked on top of the base.

Stacking Baskets
WR Wire Stacking Basket with Feet
Wire Mesh Basket
Impulse Bins

Impulse bins are highly configurable and collapsible for easy storage. The mesh shelf can be adjusted to any level within the bin.


  • 810mm high

  • 600mm x 600mm (length and width)

  • Collapsible

  • Adjustable internal shelf

Wire Mesh Impulse Bin
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