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Gondola Shelving

The Webroy Shelving System fits together in a matter of hours. minimum disruption. all parts are interchangeable. come in a variety of heights and depths.

This is text about gondola shelving, requirements for this page are

- identify the types of shelving, Double Sided ot Single Sided, wall mounted

- images of the assembled shelves and components

- exploded diagram of the component parts

- instructions on how to measure it up. All dimensions.

- how to calculate the quantities of components you need. Include a link the to the calculator

- install instructions

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted shelving utilises a double slotted wall bands which a fix to the wall. The shelves and brackets are interchangeable with those used by the gondola shelving.

Single or Double Sided

Gondola shelving is available in double sided or single sided. Both have an infill panel which fits between the uprights as a backing board. Each row of shelving contains a starter bay and then additional 'Add-On' bays


The exploded view below list all the basic components of the gondola shelving units

1. Heavy Duty Upright
2. Basefoot
3. Clip in Spacer
4. Top Cover
5. Shelf
6. Shelf Bracket


The Webroy gondola shelving is designed to be easy to install. Download our step by step guide to installing gondola shelving here.



Gondola uprights are supplied in standard heights

  • 1220mm

  • 1372mm

  • 1524mm

  • 1830mm

  • 2134mm

  • 2438mm


The depth of the shelves are

  • 229mm

  • 305mm

  • 381mm

  • 457mm

  • 533mm

  • 610mm


All shelves are 941mm wide.


The standard stock shelves are available in black and ivory. Our in house epoxy plant manned by our expert team of operators ensures the highest quality finish.


Custom colours and unpainted units are available on request subject to availability, costs and our standard terms and conditions. Please contact us to find out more.

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